Fibre to the Home

Get free Fibre installation when opting for a 24-month contract with our Fibre packages (select packages only).
*Includes free VoIP line (number porting and VoIP calls charged separately).

Business Fibre

Organisations are faced with the challenge of identifying new technologies to give them a strategic advantage in the market, while at the same time striving to reduce costs. Increasingly this is being achieved by transitioning from on-premises solutions to cloud-based alternatives. The transition to cloud-based alternatives thus leads to bandwidth requirements increasing as the organisation requires higher speeds and better reliability.

The advantages of having a fibre solution in place include reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced infrastructure complexity, and scalability to upgrade based on organisational needs. With these industry changes in mind, Adept now provides a scalable solution with flexible service options to overcome these challenges, help improve productivity and decrease costs to the organisation.

Fixed LTE

Get speedy and reliable wireless connectivity for your home or business, with fast setup and no monthly contracts. The month-to-month subscription  also makes Fixed LTE a perfect option for that time when you need connectivity whilst waiting for your Fibre to be installed. Cancel when your Fibre arrives and carry on surfing the web as if nothing ever changed, except the way that you connected, of course!

Benefit from an instant service and the ability to take your connection with you wherever there is coverage. What’s more, you can enjoy some of the most affordable per-GB pricing ever seen! With coverage in South Africa’s major metropolitan centres and growing weekly, the LTE offerings are simple and effective.


With a multitude of options to choose from, DSL services are still a mainstream service for many connectivity requirements. They form the backbone of SA’s copper connections and remain an inexpensive and easy-to-manage connectivity choice.